Da Vinci’s Lesson

Da Vinci’s Lesson

In the last four months my family have suffered the death of my grandmother and my uncle. And, ironically, a few days ago, three days after my uncle’s sudden death, my aunt became a grandmother for the first time. Isn’t life peculiar?

We all deal with grief differently, but most of us who have been there, would undoubtedly say, that you feel like an erratic woman on menopause. One minute you’re fine, the next minute you’re in the supermarket’s Easter Egg aisle crying like a five-year old over a chocolate bunny.
I know most of you must be thinking, “I’m not going to read this doom and gloom,” but bear with me, it gets lighter!

A couple of weeks ago, I found an injured baby dove. As we all do, I searched through Google for any tips and advice. I, arrogantly, thought I was Supervet, and I could treat the baby bird. The little guy survived ten days. I had, falsely, believed that he was recovering well, however, on the Monday, I woke up and he had passed away. I felt terrible. Was it the pea I gave him? Was it too cold during the night? Did he have internal injuries or an infection? Dozens of questions ran a marathon in my mind. Either way, it was due to an error on my part that his life was cut short. Once again irony played her part. I was thinking of taking him to the vet as I had noticed a lump under his wing where he had been injured. The irony? I had called my dog’s vet on the Sunday evening, and almost took him then, but indecision and hesitation concluded in us not going. I decided to WAIT until the next day. I have capitalised the word ‘wait’ to make a point later.

I sat most of the Monday in a local café, paralysed with guilt. I couldn’t bear to go home and throw away his dishes and bed.

I had a lot of time to think that day.

Da Vinci (the name I gave the little dove) and the last four months, have taught me a great lesson: life is fragile, terribly unpredictable, and every second on this earth is numbered. Once the clock strikes, there is no going back – except maybe in Winter!

Now, back to the point I wanted to make about waiting. We spend too much time waiting! We wait for the best opportunity, we wait for the right time to say something, we wait for ‘that moment’ to make our move. We spend our life waiting! My advice to all of you is this: don’t take time for granted! Make the most of the time you have here on earth! None of us are immortal. In other words: QUIT WAITING!

Pickup the phone and tell the people you love how you feel. I mean it! Do it! Don’t hold a grudge, and let unspoken years go past – forgive!

Have you had a crush on someone for months (please don’t tell me it’s years!), but haven’t had the confidence to say anything due to the fear of being rejected or what people will say? Take the plunge! Hold out your hand, and introduce yourself! He or she knows who you are? Then do it in ‘Love Actually’ style!

Sign up for the classes you’ve always wanted to take! Don’t be afraid of being a failed author, WRITE!
Read as many books as you can; they are filled with lessons and will take you to the most incredible, imaginable places!

Do the things that make you happy! Even if it’s knitting and you’re sixteen!

Surround yourself with good people (I repeat, GOOD not nice, there’s a difference). Laugh often, and make others laugh!

Look up from your phone! Take notice of the things and people around you…while you can.

Avoid procrastination! Anyone who knows me well will tell you that it’s one of my biggest flaws, just look at the date of the last blog entry. Does your wardrobe need sorting out? You’ve spoken how long about taking that trip or starting that business? Whatever it is,  JUST DO IT!

But most importantly, breathe deeply, enjoy the air in your lungs.

Don’t let any day go unlived!


  1. You have had a tough few months and I send you my hugs to help.
    Life is too short to wait, but some lack the confidence of age and experience, or just lack confidence, to be able to take action until a major event prompts them into realisation that time is ticking and Life needs to be lived.
    You have been fortunate to have had a measure of confidence already, so now go and grab Life a bit more and give it a good shake! x

    • Thank you for the lovely message, it means a great deal ❤️

  2. This is so true. I wrote something recently myself after the sudden death of a treasured loved one. Time is not promised; so often we take it for granted xx

    • Hi Rebecca, Sorry for the very late reply. You’re right time is not promised, so let’s all seize the day!xx

  3. Hello! william! Thank you for reading! Really glad it helped. x


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