Da Vinci’s Lesson

Dear Readers

Firstly, sorry it has taken me so long to put something up.
I know this little post does not have our usual ‘magical’ theme, but I do hope you can all take something special from it.
Love Michella x
P.S. If it encourages any of you to take action, please share your stories with us by commenting below!

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The Flying Feather, Hobley’s Well. Chapter 1

Dear All,

Here’s a little snippet for those eagerly awaiting the sequel, which will be out this Christmas.

But YOU get to read  the first chapter! YES, straight from the author’s first draft!

Thank you for your patience and unwavering support.

Happy Easter. x

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Blow those Bitter Winter Blues Away!

Fun ways to cheer you up this winter. Winter is hastily approaching. It’s dark when we get up and it’s dark when we leave work. So, I’m sure, many of you are starting to feel a little ‘under the weather’. I’m going to put you all to the challenge – make winter a... read more

Seven Ways to Feel Good

Pointers to get you back to feeling happy. It’s that time of year – the cold is slowly creeping in and so is the misery. Many of us suffer from the dreaded S.A.D.  Are you one of those unlucky people? Do you feel tired?  Have you lost enthusiasm for... read more